Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time To Revive My Book Blog

This poor old blog of mine has all been forgotten. Time to dust off all the cobwebs and breathe fresh life into it again.

I did still continue to read books in 2009 but just didn't manage to keep a log off books read on my blog. Had some major computer hassles last year which meant that I was without a computer for a time. My hard drive completely failed and ended up having to be sent overseas to be replaced. I had been keeping an excel file on my computer of all the books that I read during 2009 but unfortunately all that information was lost to me. Now I am back to writing the books I read in a notebook so should anything ever happen to my computer again I will have an extra back up.

I will have to look into updating my blog template and tweaking the colour and fonts etc.... as well as adding some tabs to list books read, challenges participated in etc..

For now I am happy to have found the password for this blog so I can start using it again.