Thursday, September 30, 2010

Honk If You Love Real Men

Honk If You Love Real Men
Four Tales of Erotic Romance
Naughty Girl - Carrie Alexander
Wanted : Once Hot-Blooded Man - Pamela Britton
Have Mercy - Susan Donovan
Reno's Chance - Lora Leigh
Saint Martin's Press Inc
Adult & Contemporary Romance
ISBN : 0-312-33916-X
Paperback : 352 pages

Book Synopsis:

Wanted: Real Men. Must be irresistible, good with his hands, and know how to handle any situation. . . in or out of the bedroom.

Honk If You Love Real Men is a contemporary erotic anthology featuring some of the brightest up and coming names in contemporary romance and erotic romance.

"Naughty Girl" by Carrie Alexander: When a sexy, sassy woman driving in her convertible catches the eye of a gorgeous construction worker, they indulge in a delicious afternoon tryst.

"WANTED: One Hot Blooded Man" by Pamela Britton: A sexy firefighter is responsible for lighting more fires than putting them out!

"Mercy Me" by Susan Donovan: A heated encounter with an irresistibly handsome doctor.

"Reno's Chance" by Lora Leigh: Ever since she was a little girl, Raven McIntire has secretly pined and longed for her best friend's sexy older brother, Reno, a Navy SEAL who has just returned home from duty. What she doesn't realize is that his only true mission is to get into her heart and get her into his bed.

I haven't really read many erotic romance books and the four authors featured in this anthology were all new authors to me.

I enjoyed reading these four stories by the different authors with their different styles of story telling. If you like hot, spicy and steamy stories then you might want to check this book out. Would make for a quick and easy read so ideal to throw in your bag as a book to read as you hang out for the day at the beach.

I look forward to checking out more books by these authors. If you would like to find out more about the four authors then you can check out their websites.....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Magic Hour - Kristin Hannah

Magic Hour - Krisitn Hannah
Random House USA Inc
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-345-46753-9
Paperback: 469 pages

Back Cover Synopsis:

Dr. Julia Cates was one of the country's preeminent child psychiatrists until a shocking tragedy ruined her career. Retreating to her small western Washington hometown, Julia meets an extraordinary six-year-old girl who has inexplicably emerged from the deep woods nearby - a child locked in a world of unimaginable fear and isolation. To Julia, nothing is more important than saving the girl she now calls Alice. But Julia will need help from others, including the sister she barely knows and a handsome doctor with secrets of his own. What follows will test the limits of Julia's faith and strength, as she struggles to find a home for Alice... and for herself.

The story opens with Julia appearing in court to defend her reputation as a child psychiatrist after the client she was seeing shot and killed four children and then turned the gun on herself and committed suicide. After Julia was dismissed from the complaint from the judge it was only to find that she was at a loss to know what to do with herself next as she no longer had any clients to see. Due to the court case they had opted to abandon Julia and with no clients to fill her days like she was used to Julia was at rather a lose end.

In the meantime Ellie, Julia's sister who is Chief of Police in their hometown has a rather unusual problem she desperately needs Julia's help with. She phones Julia to come to her aid and Julia having nothing better to do with herself due to lack of clients filling her days agrees to help out not really knowing just what it is that she is agreeing to.

Julia has lots to deal with returning to her hometown and staying with her estranged sister who lives in their deceased parents house. Ellie explains to Julia that she needs her to help out in a police case. A girl that they are referring to wolf girl has suddenly made an appearance in town. She was carrying a wolf in her arms and is looking rather scruffy and doesn't talk. It is as though she has been living it rough on her on in the forest for some time,

Will Julia be able to tame the unknown girl, try and get her to talk and be able to tell them her name so they have a chance of being able to locate her parents and return her to them. The story goes on to tell of the challenges that Julia faces with not only working with the girl who she comes to name Alice but also Alice's doctor Max who also seems to work his way into Julia's heart.

A very interesting read and one that has you continuing to turn the pages to find out how Julia faces her challenges and if she is able to tame the girl and exactly what the girls future will hold.

An excerpt of Kristin's books Firefly Lane was also included and I look forward to checking out this book next.

If you would like to learn more about Kristin Hannah and check out her other books then visit her website...