Monday, December 22, 2008

Book List 113 - Part 2 and Part 3

I have just finished reading the 2nd and 3rd stories in Tex Appeal. The first story was Unbroken by Alison Kent

Dr. Tess Autrey is no buckle bunny. But a certain wickedly sexy rancher may change her mind!

The second story was I Can Still Fee You by Cara Summers

Month’s ago, caterer Macy Chandler’s Texas Ranger, Cade Dillon, disappeared in the night. Now he’s back—and she has some very naughty ideas about evening the score…

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Book List #113 - Part 1

At the moment I am reading Tex Appeal. This is a book that has a collection of three short stories that are based around a cowboy theme. I have just finished reading the first short story Real Good Man by Kimberly Raye.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy

Ride 'em, cowgirls! What do you get when you take a hunky former rodeo star, a real good boy and a randy Ranger and pair them up with three women who desperately need to get some action between the sheets? A Valentine's Day with tons of Tex Appeal!

Real Good Man by Kimberly Raye

Cheryl Anne Cash is now an official 'carnal' coach! And she can't wait to show her former lover exactly what he's been missing........

Friday, December 19, 2008

Library Visit

This afternoon we called into the library to return a couple of books and as expected didn't manage to leave the library empty handed. Here are the books that I checked out to read. Should provide some light reading between the Christmas and New Year break if I can mange to grab a few spare moments to myself. It is so hot lately that I no sooner seem to pick up a book and start reading and then my eyes get heavy and I find myself falling asleep instead.

Kyle being a great fan of Thomas the Tank Engine was excited to find this Molly book at the library. We had to read Molly during our bus ride home and will be sure to read this book MANY times during the 3 weeks that we have to borrow this book.

Off to read another chapter in my book.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book List #112

Next book finished is book #112 Everything To Prove by Nadia Nichols.

What really happened?

Libby Wilson needs to find out if her father - the father she never knew - was murdered. He died on the day he was going to marry her mother. The plane he was piloting crashed into an Alaskan lake and was never found. His business partner gained the fortune that should have gone to Libby and her mother.

Libby can't solve the mystery alone. But Carson Dodge, who runs a salvage company, can help her. Carson is intrigued by Libby's mission.... and by Libby herself. Together they have one chance to rewrite history.

Tomorrow Kyle and I are headed into the city and will visit the library there to return some books. Wonder if we can resist temptation and not borrow any more books or if we will just have to borrow a couple. Hmmm....... Always so tempting.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Book List # 111

Today I finished reading book #111 Wedding Bell Blues by Heather Graham.

If Kaitlin O'Herlihy got one more wedding invitation, she was going to scream. Suddenly everyone she knew - including her grandmother for heaven's sake! - was getting married, and it was making a shambles of her well-ordered existence. It had also brought a certain Brendan O'Herlihy back into her life, and she could certainly do without that.

So he was the best man, was he? That troublesome ex-husband of hers seemed to be everywhere, making a perfect nuisance of himself - and a complete wreck of her. He was as maddening and exciting as ever. But it took an unwilling ride in a truck full of hijacked wedding dresses to make Kaitlin see that he really was the best man - for her.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Book List #110

Following on from A Bride For Glenmore I have just finished reading book #110 on my booklist which is Single Father, Wife Needed by Sarah Morgan.

Glenmore Islands' most eligible bachelor.......

Practice nurse Evanna Duncan and single father Dr. Logan MacNeil have always worked side by side at the Glenmore community surgery. She has been in love with Logan for as long as she can remember, while he only sems to see her as his colleague and friend.

As Evanna decides to move on with her life, leaving the island for good, something happens to make Logan see her in a completely different light.... Will it be too late for Logan to make Evanna more than just a friend?

Book List #109

I have just finished reading book #109 which is A Bride for Glenmore by Sarah Morgan.

City Doctor... Island Bride

GP Ethan Walker arrives on the remote Scottish island of Glenmore to spend one summer as a temp at the island's surgery. It's there he meets the beautiful Kyla MacNeil, practice nurse and heart of the island's community.

Ethan can't reveal his real reason for being on the island, and although his head tells him he should stay well away from Kyla, he is unable to resist their attraction. As the long summer days begin to fade, Ethan begins to wonder whether he can walk away........

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Visiting the mobile library

As our suburb does not have a local library we are lucky to have the mobile library visit our suburb once a fortnight. Today was the day for the mobile library to visit and as I had a book that was overdue as well as a couple of other books that I had read and needed to be returned Kyle and I visited the mobile library.

After I had returned our books I was browsing the shelves as you do. Kyle was keen to see if they had any Thomas the Tank Engine books for him to borrow but as luck would have it they only had the one which was Cranky. As Kyle already owns this book and has been reading it often we didn't have to need to borrow it. I asked the librarian if they stock Thomas the Tank Engine books very often. She said that they are always very popular and are borrowed again as soon as they are returned. She asked if I visit the mobile library regularly and said that she could hold any returned Thomas books for us so that we didn't have to pay a reserve fee. That is really nice of her being that is costs 80 cents per book to place a reserve. Due to Christmas and the New Year the mobile library won't be due to visit our suburb again for another month now but we will be sure to visit when it does.

I always tell myself that I really don't need to be borrowing any more books from the library as I have plenty of my own that I need to get read but every time I just can't seem to help myself. Here are the books that I borrowed today.....

Just some light reading that is quick and easy to pick up and put down again.

At the newsagent the latest Thomas the Tank Engine magazine was in so I bought that for Kyle. He thought it was quite a bonus getting a couple of pieces of train track for free with the magazine. These magazines are so well read by Kyle every day.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Books, books, books

I have created this book blog as a record of al the books that I read in a year. I have set mysef a goal of reading 100 books in a year. I have reached my goal of 100 books in 2008 and will be interested to see how many books I manage to read in 2009.

We all love reading books. Unforuntately we just don't have any storage space to store books so we are very grateful to have such a good library service which we borrow from regularly. Kyle is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine so we have our local newsagents hold a copy of Thomas & Friends for him every month and I buy two scrapbooking magazines.

I also hope to be able to participate in some blog book reading challenges in 2009.

We are just headed out the door to visit the mobile library and return our library books that are due back. One of the books was actually due to be returned 3 days and as it wasn't able to be renewed, Zac did say that he would return it and even made the trip to the library to do so but would you belive it arrived at the library only to find that he had left the library books at home.

Happy reading.